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Our Strategy

In order to succeed in the fast changing IT landscape, our services follow a 12 pronged strategy, which is broadly classified under
  • Business Strategy
  • Functional Strategy

Business Strategy
Our Business Level Strategy focuses on the following points:
  • Large Target Market - Growing in a horizontal market is more beneficial over competing in a vertical market. Our psychology has always been to be a small fish in a large pond rather than being a big fish in a small pond. This gives us an opportunity to keep growing without bothering about the size of the market as horizontal markets tend to grow multi -dimensionally.
  • Hugely Unorganized SME Segment - To tap the hugely unorganized SME segment which forms almost 97% of all the IT market.
  • Flexibility - The most important attribute of quality software is – FLEXIBILITY. A product should be able to cater to the various tiers of the segment that it targets. To achieve this, several versions of a product have to be offered, whereby people can choose the version that they require. In this regard, all our forthcoming products would have inbuilt flexibility and choice for the customer.
  • Internet - To utilize the internet as the primary marketing medium.
  • Products and Services - To offer a mixed blend of products and services, centred around each other, forming a value-added SAAS (Software As A Service) architecture.
  • Markets - To primarily focus on markets in smaller countries, other than the highly saturated countries.
  • Innovation - To invest time and effort into market research and user demography, enabling us to roll out innovative and quality software products periodically.
  • Self-sustainable Business Unit - To convert each product/service into a self-sustainable business unitand to move onto new products and services over the next few years.

Functional Strategy
Our Functional Level Strategy focuses on the following points:
  • Emphasis Quality Improvement - To focus on developing quality solutions and setting quality customer service as our primary goal
  • Automation - Maximum automation, minimal human intervention.
  • Cost Efficient Operations - optimal resource utilization and cost competitiveness in business operations.
  • Implementation of Latest Technology - to effectively harness the opportunities emerging from cutthroat competitive environment.

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