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Suryashakti offers a breadth and depth of products and services that is unmatched in the industry.

Our innovative applications help you streamline your process. Suryashakti’s applications combine solid reliability with cutting-edge technology development and eal-world operations experience to create a set of solutions meeting service provider needs.

Support for Today and Tomorrow
Suryashakti maintains support of existing systems and services, enabling seamless migration to services in the future. All the while recognizing critical requirements for technology that enable a new generation of revenue-generating services.

Commitment to Quality
Inherent in every Suryashakti’s product is the company's long-standing commitment to quality in delivering systems.

With proven expertise in custom application software development and e-Business solutions, we at Suryashakti help you maximize operational cost saving through B2B integration, e-commerce, Custom application integration, security services and lot more. By e-Business solutions we mean Desktop Application and Web Application.

E-Business solutions and Custom application software development aid you with a unique value proposition that propels the growth of any conventional business in terms of sale, workflow automation, customer satisfaction and management.

With our tailor made and desktop as well as web based application software working 24x7, you have an edge over your competitors by serving your clients all round the clock. This results in higher customer satisfaction and hence high ROI.

Suryashakti provides a broad variety of products to fit all your needs. Suryashakti's e-Business applications include Small Business Management Solutions, Contact Management Solutions, Data Management Solutions, Small Trade Management Solution, Club Membership Management Solution, Online Admission Solution, Educational Solutions and many more.
Student Data Management Software (SDMS)
Student Data Management Software (SDMS) is a comprehensive software solution targeted at Educational Institutions (UG & PG Courses - 1+1+1 System) , facilitating the management and analysis of a student's life cycle throughout his / her tenure at the Institution. Starting from getting admitted, to passing out and collecting certificates, the system is capable of generating useful reports at the designated levels...

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Student Data Management Software (SDMSLite)
Student Data Management Software is also available in the lighter format and is known as Student Data Management Software Lite (SDMSLite). SDMSLite is a comprehensive software solution targeted at Educational Institutions (UG Courses are under 1+1+1 System & PG Courses are under Semester System.)...

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Our Portals
Suryashakti own and manage more than 100 websites and portals and have over 500 domain names in its Domain Bank. We carry the potential of developing websites on any vertical, incubating it and converting it into a successful business venture. We have a web presence in verticals as diverse as Software Development, Flash Games, MMORPG Games, Entertainment...

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