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Student Data Management Software (Lite)
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Student Data Management Software Lite (SDMSLite)

Student Data Management Software is also available in the lighter format and is known as Student Data Management Software Lite (SDMSLite). SDMSLite is a comprehensive software solution targeted at Educational Institutions (UG Courses are under 1+1+1 System & PG Courses are under Semester System.)

SDMSLite is the data repository of students basic information which they provide at the time of admission clubbed with some essential modules required for administration; the system is capable of generating useful reports at the designated levels. SDMSLite manages Student Information, Attendance, Fees, etc. SDMSLite has a detailed master for Fees collection. You can create fees structure for UG, PG and Hostel and set them for each year or semester or month as require. It can handle Tution Fees as well Hostel Fees. Like the Student Data Management Software, SDMSLite also generates Identity Card of students in printable format. We have successfully implemented SDMSLite at Lady Brabourne College.

At a broad level SDMSLite consists of the following Modules:
  • Core Modules.
  • Additional Optional Modules.

1) Core Modules
At a broad level Student Data Management Software consists of the following Core Modules :
  • User Management.
  • Student Entry Master.
  • Attendance Master.
  • Identity Card.
  • Promotion.
  • Re-admission.
  • Fees Master.
  • Utility Modules.
    • Database Backup.
    • Database Switching.
    • Database Server IP Settings.
  • User Reports.
    • User List.
    • User Action Tracking.
    • User Log Maintenance.
  • Students Reports.
    • Student Detail.
    • List of Students.
    • Subject Detail.
    • Individual or Group Attendance Report.
    • Attendance Summary Report.
  • Fees Reports.
    • Tution Fee Payment Receipt.
    • Hostel Fee Payment Receipt.
    • Tution Fee Payment Status.
    • Hostel Fee Payment Status.
    • Fee Summary Report.
    • Fee Collection Report.
    • Demand Register.
  • Other Reports.
    • Counselling Dates Report.
    • Promoted STudents Report.
    • Re-admissionn Student Report.
    • Hostel Requirement Report.
    • ID Card Form.
    • ID Card.
  • Settings Modules.
    • Report Settings.
    • Institution Settings.
    • Change Password.

The above reports are representative only more reports can be generated out of the system based on the institutions requirements. To add to it all the solution can be customized based on your requirements.

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