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Cricket Tournament Management Software
Cricket Tournament Management Software (CTMS) is a fully web based Cricket Tournament Management Software service for sporting clubs and associations. CTMS has features, which allows control over virtually every aspect of the information required to manage a tournament at any level. CTMS has been designed from the ground up to be flexible. We have a detailed understanding of sporting clubs and associations, and have built the system with their needs in mind.

When you add up the time spent entering match results and producing reports, ladders, maintaining player registration details and email/contact lists, as well as the costs associated with communicating this information by mail or phone, it's easy to see how CTMS will soon pay for itself. Players and supporters will have access to a much wider range of information and results than they probably do at the moment. Clubs who have used CTMS have reported significant benefits, and an increased interest all round in club and individual performance.

What you manage with Cricket Management Software (CTMS):
  • Create Session
  • Create Tournaments
  • Create Forthcoming Tournaments
  • Create Groups in a Tournament
  • Create Trophies in a Tournament
  • Create Clubs
  • Create Umpires
  • Create Scorers
  • Create Rules for Tournaments
  • Create Players
  • Create Squads for Team for Tournament
  • Create Match Fixture for Tournament
  • Print Blank Match Scoresheet
  • Enter Match Details from Match Scoresheet

What visitors get to see through your website :
  • Latest News
  • Session wise Tournament Details
  • Fixture
  • Points Table
  • Scorecard
  • Player Profile / Career Statistics
    • Overall
    • Tournament wise in each Session
  • Team Statistics
  • Performance
    • Top 20 Batsman (by Runs Scored)
    • Top 20 Batsman (by Strike Rate)
    • Top 20 Batsman (by Batting Average)
    • Top 20 Bowler (by Wickets Taken)
    • Top 20 Bowler (by Economy)
    • Top 20 Bowler (by Bowling Average)
    • Most 5 Wicket Haul
    • Most Centuries
    • Most Hat-tricks
    • Top 20 Batsman (by Most 6's)
    • Top 20 Batsman (by Most 4's)
  • Search Players

We architecture of the application is such that there is no multiple entry of same data, which helps us to maitain data integrity and consistency throughout the website. All the records and player profiles are created dynamically in real time as soon as the entry is made.

Our journey so far has not been without obstacles but due to our never say die approach and skilled manpower we have been able to handle all situations with ease. The very fact that we have been managing the tournaments for our clients since 2008 has only helped us to gain expertise and command over this sector. The Cricket Management Software (CTMS) integrates technology with the administrative process and is advantageous for sporting clubs and associations, players and sports enthusiast. It acts as a new success factor in addition to traditional sources of advantages.

We as a company facilitate online data management of cricket tournament for Outdoor Cricket - White Dress, Colour Dress, and Indoor Cricket some of the prestigious sporting clubs and associations in Kolkata since 2008, and in the near future we are looking forward to work with sporting clubs and associations and across the country and internationally.

Our services include:
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Design and Implementation of the Website
  • Providing printed Blank Scoresheet
  • Tournament wise Data Entry - Which will will include:
    • Creation of players, umpires, scorers, scanning player images, of Match Scoresheet
    • Creation of Session
    • Creation of Tournaments
    • Creation of Forthcoming Tournaments
    • Creation of Groups in a Tournament
    • Creation of Trophies in a Tournament
    • Creation of Clubs
    • Mapping Clubs to Groups
    • Updating Rules for Tournaments
    • Creation of Umpires
    • Creation of Scorers
    • Creation of Players
    • Mapping Player to Team in various Groups to create Squad for Teams
    • Create Match Fixture for Tournament
    • Print Blank Match Scoresheet with Fixture details and Player Names
    • Compete entry of Match Details from Match Scoresheet

This initiative not only saves a substantial amount of time and money for sporting clubs and associations, but is also facilitates transparancy, better and effective communication. If you find yourself interested kindly send us a tentative structure of the tournament with other details and we will get back to you with a price quote.

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